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Aice – Rich world where winter rules nine months a year. It is part of the Pax Septum Coalition.
Amra, Queen – Queen of A’ice, mother of Arrov.
Arrov, Prince – Seventh son of Queen Amra, a great pilot. From A’ice. Very handsome.


Beathag, Ma’hara – Ex-best friend of Lilla.
Belthair, Captain – A six-armed rebel, ex-boyfriend of Lilla.


Callum A’ruun, Second War General in the Teryn army – An imposing Teryn warrior and general. Handsome, too.
Coalition, Pax Septum – A nineteen-planet-strong coalition with Uhna its capital.
Crystal or Crystalline – A transparent crystal that is used in the crystal necklace.
Crystal Diamonds – Most valuable export of Uhna.
Crystal Necklace – A necklace with a crystalline, or crystal for short. It is a personal computing and communication device. The shape of the crystal and the color of the chain signal status. Lilla’s necklace is a hexagonal shaped crystal on platinum chain = ruling house; diamond-shaped crystal on a platinum chain = high society; a square-shaped crystal on gold chain = low society; a circlularly shaped crystal on a gold chain = all civilians; crescentshaped crystal on a bronze chain = servants such as Glenna. The back of the crystal is etched with blooming trees and star flowers that represent house families. This helps to identifying the heir of each house.
Crystal Palace – The palace where the ruling family lives. It has crystal diamonds embedded into its walls, hence the name.


Deidre – A mother figure for Lilla and head chef. She makes amazing boomberry tarts.
DLD – The Dark Lord of Destruction—the favored nickname of the Archgod of Chaos and Destruction.


Eilish – Lilla’s mom. A Lumenian.
Ellar, Ma’har – high advisor to the king. Very smart.
Era War – A devastating and recurring galactic war between the two ruling archgods that happens when the imbalance of power between them becomes too great.


Fearghas, Battle Horse – He is Lilla’s powerful horse. He can swim well.
Fye Island – The name of the island where the Crystal Palace is.
Fyoon Ocean – The name of the ocean on Uhna.


Gertrude – A huge spider that likes to visit Glenna ever since she saved it. Has a paralyzing gaze.
Glenna – Best friend of Lilla and a talented healer.


Houses – There are three types of houses on Uhna: ruling house, high society house and low society house. Each has a territory and jobs assigned to them.


Irvine, Ma’har – The overseer of refugee affairs. Not a nice person.


Jokes – You will find many in the story . . . some cheesier than the others.
Jorha – Lieutenant in the rebellion. Lilla knows her.


King Niall, Ma’ha – Lilla’s father.


Loch, Ramor – Mysterious person. See story.
Lumenian – Legendary race that the Archgoddess of the Eternal Light and Order created. They don’t like dark servants.


Ma’ha – Title: King
Ma’har – Title: Lord
Ma’hara – Title: Lady
Ma’hata – Title: Queen
Murtagh, Captain – Captain of the guard, father of Jorha. He is a nice person,too.


Nasty Beast – Fearghas’s nickname he earned by biting others and being not so nice.
Nic – Lilla’s half brother. He is great.


Omnipower – An unknown power that governs the Seven Galaxies.
Overseer of Refugee Affairs – That’s Irvine as I said before. Pay attention.


Praelor – Title: Emperor


Queen – Uhna has no queen.


Refugees, Camp Seven – A camp full of refugees from all over the Seven Galaxies. Also, the secret location for the rebellion.


Seven Galaxies – It is the name of the universe this story plays out in. There are seven galaxies in it: Galaxy One, Galaxy Two, etc. It’s a pretty big place.
Sha’ll – A derogatory term for servants. Lilla’s great-grandfather forbade its use.


Teryn – It is the name of the world Callum is from and the name of its people.
The Lady – This is the nickname of the Archgoddess of Eternal Light and Order.
The Twins – Isa and Bella are known as The Twins. They are great hackers and are from Barabal.


Uhna – The home world of Lilla’s. It’s oceanic, with lots of islands.
Umbrea Gauntlets – These worn leather gauntlets, four of them, were snuggled in by Xor. They are for short distance travel with a maximum capacity of two people. They open up a gateway that seems to be consist of swirling shadows.


Valiant Effort – Is what it took to compose this long glossary . . .


War, Era – See under Era War.


Xor – The leader of the rebellion. He has three eyes but keeps the third closed for most of the time.


A letter in the ABC. Also, short for why.


Zillion Dark Servants – A lot of dark servants. Really.